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  • 2 Inch Pillar Candle: Non-Toxic, Natural, Paraffin-Free - GoodLight
  • 2 Inch Pillar Candle: Non-Toxic, Natural, Paraffin-Free - GoodLight
  • 2" x 4.5" Pillar

2" x 4.5" Pillar

$ 5.99

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The classic unscented, white pillar candle is a design staple. From restaurants to weddings, churches to living rooms, they are everywhere. And that’s why we created a clean-burning, paraffin-free option. Our pillars are made from 100% palm wax and have lead-free, cotton wicks. As these 2" wide pillars burn, they create a uniquely beautiful lace-like wall that make them a favorite of ours. 

•White and unscented  

•Pillar size: 2" wide x 4.5" high

•Burn time = 20 hours

•Recycled/recyclable label printed with vegetable-based inks

•Available in singles, a 6-pack, and a master case of 48.

•Tiered discounts applied when buying two or more master cases. Industry customers (restaurants, etc.) receive even deeper discounts when signing up for our Auto-Ship program. Please contact us for details.

*Note that this pillar is meant to be burned for a period of about 2-3 hours. Shorter burn times can lead to tunneling while longer burn times can lead to sidewall blowouts and drips. 

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