Green Palm

GreenPalm is an organization that advances the sustainability movement in the palm industry by keeping track of how much crude palm oil and palm kernel oil is produced by RSPO-certified plantations, and then brokering its sale on the open market. Since there is a limited separate supply chain for RSPO-certified palm oil, and since we are a small company that cannot afford our own plantations and mills, it is impossible for us to guarantee that the wax used to make our candles comes from palm oil that is "segregated" or “identity-preserved.” We therefore pay a premium for sustainable palm oil through GreenPalm to “book and claim” the source of our raw materials. To elaborate, when we started GoodLight in 2010, we paid GreenPalm to book and claim enough RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil to make the wax needed to make all the candles we wanted to produce during our first year in business. This way we know that our (and your) money was going to RSPO-certified plantations and the farmers who have made the choice to be part of the solution. Furthermore, GreenPalm donates a percentage of our transactions to the RSPO so that it may continue to grow and help shape the industry in a positive way.

This is obviously a complex issue that you can really dive into if you want. We suggest going to GreenPalm's website to get a better understanding of the role the organization plays in the palm world:

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